Air Pollution ends in Bhopal and all over the state

Bhopal: Due to the lockdown, air pollution has completely ended in the state including Bhopal. The Ambient Air Quality (AQI) index stands at 39 in Bhopal and 24 in the industrial zone Mandideep. Significantly, air below 50 AQI is considered the most healthy. Air up to 100 AQI is considered satisfactory for respiration and more than AQI air is polluted. The effect of the rest of the lockdown is being seen everywhere.

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The biggest cause of pollution in Bhopal is fine particles of dust i.e. PM-10 and PM-2.5, but for the last 6 days, there was a continuous decline in their quantity in the air, the dust particles in the air occurred on Friday. With the rain, they have turned into the mud on the ground. Due to the lockdown, traffic mobility is negligible and construction activities are completely closed, so dust is not being generated. In Bhopal, the average level of PM-10 in the air has come down to 39 MGCM and the average level of PM-2.5 is 29 MGCM. Whereas on average it varies between 200 and 400 on normal days.

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The second biggest cause of pollution is the smoke emanating from vehicles, generators and factories, but in lockdown all these are closed, or the number of those which are on is almost negligible. This is the reason that in Bhopal, the average level of carbon mono oxide is 24, sulfur dioxide 11 and the average level of nitrogen oxide has come down to 13 mgcm. While on normal days it remains between 70 and 120 on average.

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