France to expel fanatics Muslims after teacher got murdered for showing cartoon of Prophet Muhammad

Paris: Thousands of people are taking to the streets in several French cities after a teacher was strangled by Islamic extremists in a controversy over cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad in France. Mostly teachers are involved in this. The French teacher was killed by the father of a student for showing a cartoon of Prophet Mohammad.

The man who killed the teacher was also killed by the police shortly afterward. After the teacher was publicly killed, the French police launched a major campaign of action against Islamic organizations on Monday. Under the campaign, raids have been carried out at all places and suspected foreigners are being interrogated in custody. Meanwhile, French Home Minister Gerald Doormenin has said that the father of a school student and the famous Islamic fundamentalist had killed the teacher.

He further said that people from 50 organizations who have posted hateful posts on social media are on the target of the government. The investigation has been initiated in 80 cases related to their online posts. According to sources, an exercise is underway to bring back 213 foreign people of radical ideology to their country. Out of these, 150 people are in jail. All these people are on the government's watch list. So far, 11 people have been killed in the murder case of the teacher.

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