Fresh and tasty Strawberry Tiramisu dessert recipe
Fresh and tasty Strawberry Tiramisu dessert recipe

Every time your stomach craves for something new, something fresh & tasty and when it comes to the last dish of your dinner, that is the dessert, then you get little choosy. Hence, this dish is made for you.
A classic Italian dessert, made with fresh strawberries, mascarpone and cream. The perfect dessert for the season, easy and no bake recipe specially curated so that you can make it at home and relish with your special one.
Ingredients Of Strawberry Tiramisu
100 Gram Double cream
90 Gram Mascarpone
20 Gram Egg yolk
30 Gram Tia-Maria
28 Gram Castor sugar
15 Water
110 Gram Strong coffee
25 Ml Strawberry puree
30 Gram Strawberry, chopped
15 Gram Cocoa powder
50 Gram Savoiardi

Prep Time: 10 Minutes
Cook Time: 40 Minutes
Total Cook Time: 50 Minutes

How to Make Strawberry Tiramisu:

1. Cream mascarpone, tia maria and whipped cream in a bowl.
2. Fold chopped strawberry and strawberry puree in the above mix.
3. Whisk egg yolks and boil sugar with water to soft ball stage.
4. Make pâte bombe and fold in mascarpone mix.
5. Dip
savoirdi in coffee.
6. Assemble one layer of mascarpone mix and one 
layer of savoirdi.
7. Repeat the process twice.
8. Garnish with the dust of cocoa powder, a quenelle of strawberry cream and chocolate disc.

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