Friend who did not take him to baraat after being called to the wedding, then the angry man sent a notice of 50 lakhs.

Dehradun: A friend has staked a claim of Rs 50 lakh on another friend for not taking him to the baraat even after being called to the wedding with a card. Yes, in fact, the groom took the baraat ahead of the time given in the card. When friends and other baraatis arrived ready, the baraat had left. When the friend discussed the phone with the groom, he told him to go back to the place of admitting his mistake. Thereafter, the baraatis standing on the spot told the friend who was distributing the wedding cards. People's lies fell on the heart of a friend. He had to suffer mental torture.

Saddened by the behaviour of the same friend and the mental torture of the people, the friend, through his lawyer Arun Bhadauria, has sent a notice to the groom demanding an apology within three days and payment of Rs 50 lakh as compensation. Failing this, a case has been warned to be filed in court. Advocate Arun Kumar Bhadauria said that ravi's son Virendra resident Aaradhya Colony Bahadrabad was scheduled to be married to Anju Dhampur district Bijnor on June 23, 2022. The groom Ravi made a list to his friend Chandrashekhar's son late Musaddilal, a resident of Devnagar Kankhal, that he would distribute the wedding cards.

On hearing ravi's words, Chandrashekhar distributed cards to mona, kaka, sonu, kanhaiya, chhotu, akash, etc. and appealed to them to reach the wedding at 5:00 pm on June 23, 2022. All the people along with Chandrashekhar reached the designated place at 4:50 pm, but there they came to know that the baraat had left. On which Chandrashekhar took the news from Ravi, Ravi said that we have gone and you people go back. Chandrasekhar says that when he spoke, all those who had come to go to the wedding were hurt and all of them caused a lot of mental torture to Chandrashekhar. It is alleged that he tarnished the image of Chandrashekhar. In this connection, Chandrashekhar also informed Ravi over the phone about the defamation, but he neither expressed any regret nor apologised. Chandrasekhar, through his lawyer Arun Bhadoria, has sent a legal notice to Ravi to publicly apologise for the defamation within three days and pay 50 lakh damages.

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