Fulani Muslims declared 'Jihad', cut the throats of many people
Fulani Muslims declared 'Jihad', cut the throats of many people

Niger: In Nigeria, the news of openly declaring Jihad against the local community by Fulani Muslim terrorists are coming to the fore. According to the report, Fulani Muslim militants belonging to the pastoral community have declared war (Jihad) against the local communities of Enugu State. Along with this, the terrorists killed many people and set their houses on fire.

According to media reports, Fulani Muslim terrorists attacked the Agu-Amed community on Saturday (November 19) and Monday (November 21). According to information received on Wednesday (November 25), at least 15 people, including women and children, were reported killed in the attack. The raiders looted several villages and set houses on fire. Earlier in 2021, they looted more than 14 local villages belonging to the Agu-Amed and Magbuji communities. Many lives were lost in these incidents and property worth lakhs was burnt to ashes. According to the report, Many people including children and women have been kidnapped by these Fulani Muslim terrorists. These people use children for ransom. Their number was more than a hundred. Fulani Muslim terrorists attacked the village of Ohulu Magbede of the Agu-Amed community on Saturday (19 November) and Sunday (20 November) and killed 8 people, including two children.

Community leader Ogbu Francis, who confirmed the incident, has informed that 'The armed terrorists returned on Tuesday (November 22) morning and opened fire, torching properties and destroying villages. According to Ogbu, an attack was carried out in a village called Ohulu Magbede of the Agu-Amed community and seven people were killed by Fulani Muslims, we have recovered their bodies. Cyprian Ezedeoga, who confirmed the attack, said Fulani Muslim militants had entered the towns of Magbuzi and Eboh. They also had machine guns and heavy weapons. He further said, 'We have neither the security of the army nor the police. We have received information that 10 people have died in Eboh and 5 in Magbuji in terrorist attacks.

According to the report, many people had been murdered with their throats slit, with multiple knife marks on their heads. Another community leader, Augustine Odoh, also confirmed the attack, saying Islamist rebels have declared war on Eha-Amufu. Odoh said, 'Our people cannot fight those terrorists with empty hands. They come with AK-47 rifles and keep firing for hours. The government may deploy troops elsewhere, but will not deploy troops to stop these herdsmen and Islamic terrorist attacks. This is the hypocrisy of this government.

Let us tell you that Nigeria is currently a secular country, that is, there is no national religion. But, according to the statistics of 2018, the Muslim population in this country has increased to 53.5%, and perhaps for this reason the slaughter has started in the form of Jihad to make Nigeria an Islamic country. Apart from Islam, Nigeria has a Christian population of 45.9%, which is currently a target of Islamic terrorists. If we look at history, many countries have been Islamized like this. Now it remains to be seen what steps the Nigerian government and the United Nations (UN) take to deal with these terrorists. 

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