‘Your generation will end but name won't changed': Asaduddin Owaisi’s sharp retort to Adityanth’s ‘Hyderabad renaming’ remark
‘Your generation will end but name won't changed': Asaduddin Owaisi’s sharp retort to Adityanth’s ‘Hyderabad renaming’ remark

Hyderabad: There is currently a verbal war between the BJP and AIMIM over the Hyderabad civic elections. Sometimes the leaders of BJP are attacking the leader of AIMIM and sometimes the leaders of AIMIM are speaking against BJP. In the past, UP CM Yogi had visited Hyderabad and said a lot there. Asaduddin Owaisi has now retaliated on his statements. Recently, Owaisi said in his statement that 'CM’s generation will end but Hyderabad's name will remain Hyderabad. We are Ali's name, we will change your name. I tell you (voters) you have to answer those people who want to change the name of the city.

With this, he further targeted the BJP in his statement, saying, 'BJP has invited so many people in this election, now the  Donald Trump is yet to come. Even if he come, nothing will happen, because PM Modi said with his hand also, this time the Trump government but he also fell in the pit. Along with this, he also said, 'These people should do lakhs of Jinnah Jinnah. We turned down Jinnah's love. Those who were not loyal moved to Pakistan and those who were loyal remained in Hyderabad.

Further in his statement, he said on Yogi's statement renaming Hyderabad as Bhagyanagar, 'BJP's goal is to change the name of Hyderabad. This election is Bhagyanagar vs Hyderabad. If they call us communal, then tell us that we have given tickets to Hindus, now BJP should tell how many Muslim candidates have been given tickets by BJP. BJP only aims to rename Hyderabad. This is Bhagyanagar vs Hyderabad. I take oath of constitution and these people call me Jinnah.

What Yogi had said- Yogi, who had gone to Hyderabad for campaigning in the past, said during the road show, "We all have to decide whether to give freedom to a family and friend group to plunder or to give Hyderabad a fortune You have to take it to new heights of development. Friends, you have to decide. "Apart from this, he also said," Some people were asking if Hyderabad will be renamed as Bhagyanagar? I said - why not, when the name of Faizabad changed to Ayodhya after BJP came to power, Allahabad changed its name to Prayagraj then why Hyderabad cannot be named Bhagyanagar.

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