Good news for employees, the government has made this big announcement.

New Delhi: There is finally a big goodnewase for central employees. Now the salary of the employees is going to be increased by 40 thousand rupees. In fact, the government is going to increase the dearness allowance of central employees. According to AICPI's data so far, the curtain has been lifted from the 5 per cent DA increase. But if the AICPI inflation figure for May goes up, it can increase the allowances of employees (DA Hike) by 6 per cent.  

Indeed, the increase in DA depends on the data of AICPI. The AICPI index had surged in March and April 2022, leaving no doubt about the 5 per cent dearness allowance (DA) hike. That means then the DA of the employees will increase from 34 per cent to 39 per cent. But now, according to the new figures, there are chances of a 6 per cent increase in the DA of the employees. In fact, the AICPI  index for the months of January and February this year has definitely seen a decline, but after that, the AICPI figures are increasing. Rose 125.1 points in January, 125 in February and one point in March to 126. Now the figure for April has also come out. According to the data for April, the AICPI index has come down to 127.7. It has increased by 1.35 per cent, now the May figure is coming. If this figure goes up in May also, the DA could go up by 6 per cent.

Will the salary increase?
If the government increases the DA by 6 per cent, then the DA of the central employees will go up from 34 per cent to 40 per cent. Let's see how much the maximum and minimum basic salary will increase.  

Calculation on maximum basic salary:-
1- Basic salary                    of the employee rs 56,900 
2- New Dearness Allowance (40%)                      Rs.22,760/month
3- Dearness Allowance (34%)                so far Rs.19,346/month
4- How much dearness allowance increased                       22,760-19,346 = Rs. 3,414/month
5- Increase                       in annual salary 3,414 X12 = Rs. 40,968

Calculation on minimum basic salary:-
1- Basic salary                    of employee Rs 18,000
2- New Dearness Allowance (40%)                      Rs.7,200/month
3- Dearness Allowance (34%)                so far Rs.6120/month
4- How much dearness allowance increased                       7200-6120 = Rs. 1080/month
5- Increase                       in annual salary 1080  X12 = Rs. 12,960

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