Google in remembrance of Italian scientist's birthday creates 'Google Doodle'

Jun 12 2021 12:32 PM
Google in remembrance of Italian scientist's birthday creates 'Google Doodle'

On the 99th birthday of Italian scientist Markerita Hack, Google remembered him with a special doodle. Not only that, on 12th June, the birthday of Italian scientist Margarita Hack is celebrated. Known as 'The Lady of Star', Margarita was an Italian astronomer, professor, writer and activist. He had a special interest in the asteroids, satellites and stellar atmospheres of science.

Google has given its doodle 8558 name: Google has shown the hack on his birthday sitting on a chair, as well as a telescope in his hand. The hack in the animated doodle is sitting on a chair and busy seeing the starry sky from its telescope. There is an asteroid named after the hack which they have discovered. That is why he has been named 8558 hack in his honour.

Margarita Hack was always a progressive woman of thinking. He always spoke of the right to animal protection and equality in his life and raised his voice for it. The hack was born on this day i.e. 12th June, 1922 in Florence. He had taken only one lecture in his life. After which he focused his attention on the study of physics.

The hack moved to Trista in 1964, where she created history as the first Italian woman to earn full professorship in the city's college. She also became the first female director of the Trista Astronomical Observatory. The main area of the hack's expertise was related to the observation and interpretation of the spectroscopic characteristics of the stars. In 1994, he was awarded the Targa Guusep Piazi for his scientific research. He was awarded the Cortina Ulise Award for Scientific Dissemination in 1995.

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