Google made a mistake in the promo video of the Indian cricket team
Google made a mistake in the promo video of the Indian cricket team

The ICC Cricket World Cup has started and India is going to play the first match on June 5 with South Africa. Earlier, a promo video of the Indian cricket team was sent to users from Google's chatting and video calling app Duo. Good thing here is that Google has mistakenly displayed this promo on the device of many users worldwide. Indeed, Google often sends special video messages to Duo users on special events or occasions, and often send push notifications to a particular area. So that users can stay updated for special events

Due to Cricket World Cup, Google had planned to send Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli to his users. According to the Android Police report, Google made a mistake in the messaging of the message, and consequently, users across the world received push notifications of Virat Kohli at different times. When users from different countries showed this video, they wrote it on social media from Google and asked questions.

Tell us about your information that users of countries like US, Canada, Japan, Mexico, and New Zealand did not understand why this video was sent to them, or what it is. After this, users tweeted on twitter and tagged Google and asked about what the spam was about? Not only this, in India, the user did not even come to the video, there was no message related to it. Google immediately responded to this in a forum post, stating that the notification should not go to users worldwide. And by mistake, it happened. In one post it was confirmed that this video was not an advertisement, but was a message that was meant to be sent to those users, who have participated in the Duo promotion. The message should have been sent to only those users who signed up for the promotion. On the contrary, it has reached a major user base. Such mistakes will not happen, Google has assured its users.

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