Government of India warns of fake oximeter app

Sep 24 2020 02:45 PM
Government of India warns of fake oximeter app

Indians have mastered the need to convert disaster into an opportunity. Whatever the calamity is, people turn it into an opportunity of their own benefit. Recently, a survey revealed that 50 per cent of the sanitizer sold in metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai are fake. This is also an example of the opportunity in disaster. There is a glut of bogus oximeters at the shops. The government has alerted citizens about the oximeter mobile app.

The cyber hackers are cheating citizens from the Fack mobile app. Cyberfriend, the cyber unit of the Central Government, has issued a tweet advisory stating that the consumer should not download the Oximeter app from an unknown URL. Apps that claim oxygen level tests may be bogus. They may steal personal data, biometric information.

The Health Institute repeatedly told that if the oxygen level in your blood goes down, you should be on the qui-vive. The demand for oximeter has increased. The oximeters are now available easily in the market for Rs. 500. You will be surprised to know that there are oximeters in the market which inform about the level of oxygen in the blood. It is important to be vigilant with all these things.

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