India may ban 275 more Chinese apps including PUBG
India may ban 275 more Chinese apps including PUBG

India has surrounded China. In such a situation, you will be aware that after banning 59 Chinese apps, India has now kept an eye on some other apps. There are reports that the Indian government is now preparing to ban 275 apps. According to the information received, the government is checking that these apps are not posing a threat to national security and user privacy in any way. Recently some sources say that the companies whose servers are in China are being tried first to stop them. By the way, according to what has been received recently, these 275 apps also include the gaming app PUBG, which is part of China's valuable Internet Tencent.

Along with this, it includes Xiaomi-made Zili app, e-commerce Alibaba's Aliexpress app, Resso app and Bytedance's ULike app. Yes, a person associated with this development said that 'the government can ban all these 275 apps, or some of these apps. However, if no flaw is found then no app will be banned. Not only this, but an official source associated with this development said that 'China's apps are constantly being reviewed and efforts are also being made to find out where they are getting funding from. Some apps are dangerous for national security.

Also, some apps are violating data sharing and privacy rules. It is being told that the Indian government is now making a new rule for apps. According to that rule, everyone will have to live up to it, and if it does not, then those apps will be banned.

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