Great calamity! New virus attack on humans, 4 year old child caught

The first case of the H3N8 strain of bird flu has been confirmed in China. However, health officials say that the risk of spreading the virus among people is still low. Let us tell you that the case of H3N8 was first seen in North America in 2002. Subsequently, it infected horses, dogs and seals, but the effect of this infection was not seen in humans.

China's National Health Commission said a 4-year-old boy living in central Henan province underwent tests earlier this month after being admitted to the hospital with fever and other symptoms. In which he was found infected with this infection. The commission said in a statement that the boy's family had raised chickens at home and the family lived in an area populated by wild ducks.

Also the commission said that the boy was directly infected with birds. The boy's case is a one-sided cross-species infection and the risk of large-scale transmission between people is low. However, even after this, the commission has asked people to stay away from dead or sick birds and seek immediate treatment if fever or respiratory symptoms are observed. Avian influenza mainly occurs in wild birds and poultry. Cases of its spread between humans are very rare. According to the US Centers for Disease Control, the H5N1 and H7N9 strains of bird flu, detected in 1997 and 2013, are responsible for most cases of human illness from avian influenza.

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