ICICI Bank's tremendous initiative, Your grocery store will become an online store in half an hour

The private sector ICICI Bank has taken a tremendous initiative to expedite the business of your neighbourhood shopkeeper in Diwali. For this, the bank has launched the digital store management platform. Through this, shopkeepers can manage everything from billing to POS, QRCode or payment through payment links. Not only that, the shopkeeper can convert his grocery store into an online store with great speed. Thereafter, he will start getting online orders from customers.

According to the bank, any shopkeeper can also apply for a digital store management platform while applying for a POS machine through his EasyPay app. Three applications have been provided in the digital platform. The EasyStore mobile app allows the shopkeeper to convert its shop into an online store within 30 minutes. It keeps a record of payments made through UPI or debit-credit cards through the Easybilling app. The shopkeeper can also manage inventory and orders through this app.

The easy-billing app will also have the option to prepare a variety of reports in addition to selfies, profit, GST. Through the third easy-to-use app, the shopkeeper can send an online order to his wholesaler or distributor. This will save the shopkeeper's moment. Small shopkeepers will also be able to get the benefit of a variety of promotions and discount schemes in the type of supplier. Pankaj Gadgil, head of the bank's self-employed segment, said it would facilitate shopkeepers to reach out to new customers.

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