Gardening tips: Grow vegetables in easy way at home

Jan 10 2021 04:10 PM
Gardening tips: Grow vegetables in easy way at home

Everybody always wants to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Nowadays, vegetables grown by chemical manure are available in the market. There is not much space in all households to grow vegetables in their homes. Today, we are going to tell you about some of the vegetables that you can easily grow in your home.

1- You can easily grow legumes in your home. There is no need for much space to grow legumes. If you want to grow legumes in your home, put the seeds of legumes in the middle of June and July.

2- The best time to grow brinjal in June and July. Brinjal plants can be planted in large pots. Always keep in mind that the eggplant plant gets insects very quickly. Hence, pesticides spray medicines in brinjal plants from time to time.

3- Tomatoes are used in almost all vegetables. Chemical manure is used to grow tomatoes found in the market. So it's not so tasty to eat. You can grow tomato plants at home or in a large container.

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