Flora suffering from brain tumour became collector of Ahmedabad
Flora suffering from brain tumour became collector of Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad: An 11-year-old girl named Flora Apurva Asodia was made to sit in the collector's chair for a day in Ahmedabad, Gujarat last Saturday. Tell all of you that Flora Apoorva Asodia, who is sitting in the collector's chair for a day, is suffering from a brain tumour. Yes, Flora is actually from Ahmedabad and wanted to become a collector for a day. Now her wish was fulfilled on September 18. According to reports, Flora Apurva Asodia from Ahmedabad is a class VII student. Flora said, 'I want to grow up to be a collector.'

At the same time, she further said, "I have been ill for the last few months and I am undergoing treatment. I wondered if I would be able to become a collector?" Flora Apoorva Asodia added, 'I had a variety of thoughts that in the meantime my father came to know about the Make a Wish Foundation.' She also said, 'Dad approached the organization to make my dream come true. With the efforts of the organization, the matter reached the Collector Saheb and in view of my health, he also showed a lot of interest in it.'

Flora further said, "Collector Saheb took a swift decision in this direction and also came to my house and met. I am very happy that with the cooperation of all, my wish has been fulfilled today.'' At the same time, Flora Apoorva Asodia, who suffers from a brain tumour, said, 'I think I will definitely fight and win this disease. I will definitely become a collector one day.'

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