Guru Poornima: A day devoted to the Gurus

Jul 23 2018 05:34 PM
Guru Poornima: A day devoted to the Gurus

Let no man in the world live in delusion. Without a Guru, none can cross over the other shore. Guru Nanak in his preached to the world the, importance of a Guru in one’s life.

The Guru Purnima marks the peak of the first Lunar cycle as per the Hindu Calendar. The festival is celebrated with immense joy, all over India and various parts of Nepal.

On this auspicious day, People visit their teachers and spiritual gurus to seek their blessings. They touch the feet of their gurus to seek wisdom and guidance.

Hindus visit temples and the followers of Buddhism visit Mathas to offer prayers to the Almighty and seek his blessings.

On this day, we must stop for a while and exclude ourselves from the busy world that is stuck to the rat race with its blinkers to restrict the vision. We must close our eyes and ponder on the various opportunities and facilities that we have been provided with and learn the process of expressing our gratitude towards all what we have in life. It is by the grace of the Almighty and by the guidance and wisdom provided by the Guru that we are proceeding towards the peak of our lives and progressing to build a better version of ourselves.

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