HC reprimands govt over political rallies, says 'You are not bigger than the law'

Gwalior: These days the trend of political rallies, meetings and general meetings has become more prevalent. Now in the meantime, the Gwalior Bench of the High Court has expressed concern over the political programs and rallies happening in the time of Corona. Actually, it has been instructed by the government to strictly follow the guidelines issued by the central and state governments regarding covid-19. In such a case, if any party violates this matter, then the matter should be brought to the notice through the High Court Principal Registrar.

The High Court has made 3 advocates Sanjay Dwivedi, Raju Sharma and BD Sharma as friends of justice. It is being told that Nyaya Mitra will see that Congress, BJP and other parties are not violating covid's rules. At the same time, notice has also been issued to the state government, in which the High Court has sought an answer in 3 days. This notice has been given on the rambling rallies for MP by-election. During this time the High Court has also said that if any violation of the guideline is found during this time, then the court should be immediately informed. The High Court even said, no matter how big you are, the law is above you .

However, now the matter has been said to be heard on 28 September. Now talk about the matter, Ashish Pratap Singh of Gwalior had expressed concern about the political rallies, meetings and general meetings held in Gwalior since last 1 month. He had said that, 'Coronavirus may cause people to face epidemic and the situation in Gwalior is becoming explosive in the current era. Such programs will increase it further.

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