Analysts made a big disclosure, 'Your writing gives your introduction'

Dec 03 2019 05:15 PM
Analysts made a big disclosure, 'Your writing gives your introduction'

Have you ever thought while writing that your handwriting and your personality can also give your introduction;?"? Even though people may not be able to reconcile these two, analysts believe that there is a connection between our handwriting and our personality, which also gives a sense of our personality. Naveen Toshniwal, a 51-year-old businessman from Jaipur, is analyzing a centuries-old handwriting study. By analyzing this, he is helping management (management) students and professionals in improving their personality.

Toshniwal, a chemical engineer turned grapho analysis or handwriting analyst about this matter, said that the art of writing analysis is about two thousand years old and is associated with the philosopher Aristotle. It was Aristotle who discovered the connection between man's mind and his handwriting. He told that handwriting analysis has gained popularity only a few decades ago and now this art is being used on a large scale for the recruitment of staff, guidance of students and career counselling.

In his statement, Toshniwala said, 'Handwriting is actually minded writing. It gets the things that are going on in our mind on paper, so even the slightest effort made to change the writing suggests that the person wants to change his character. He said that if for five to seven minutes a day is practised daily for three to four weeks to change the writing, then it can change the personality of the person.

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