This bird never sets foot on the ground, is very lazy

Today we are going to tell you about a bird that will make you lose consciousness after knowing about it. In fact, this bird is one that never puts its foot on the ground. You may not be sure to hear, but it is true. However, the name of this bird, which has never set foot on the ground, is 'Hariyal Bird.' Tell you that its appearance looks exactly like a pigeon. The colour of this bird is light grey and green. At the same time, it has yellow stripes. This bird is called the 'Hariyal bird' because of its colour.

The bird is found in the Indian subcontinent and builds its nest only on tall trees like peepal or banyan and never lands on the ground. Tell all of you that the Hariyal bird nests tall trees with grass leaves and straws. It likes leaves, fruits, flower buds, seeds, grain grains, small plant sprouts to eat. Not only that, it eats leaves from people to figs, elders, sycamores, etc. Its favourite diet is the fruits of plums, chironji and berries. Yes, and she also eats this ripe fruit with great relish.

Tell you that the beak of this bird is thick and strong. It fulfils its thirst with dew on the fruits and leaves of trees. Not only that, the bird has a shy nature and keeps quiet when it sees humans. The Hariyal bird is also known as a green pigeon. It spends its entire life in laziness on trees. It is a herbivore bird that you will see sitting at the top of the trees. Tell you that it is Maharashtra's state bird. But it is most commonly found in Uttar Pradesh.

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