Have Children and Earn 62 Lakhs: Company's Special Offer for Employees
Have Children and Earn 62 Lakhs: Company's Special Offer for Employees

In various countries around the world, there are different sets of challenges. While some nations struggle with economic hardships, others face issues like an increasing population against available resources. However, there are still countries where low birth rates pose a significant problem. South Korea is one such nation grappling with this concern. To address this issue, innovative initiatives are being introduced.

One such initiative comes from the Booyoung Group, a construction company in South Korea. They are offering a remarkable incentive to their employees. Booyoung Group is providing a hefty sum of 100 million won (approximately $101,000 or 62.12 lakh rupees) for each child born after 2021 to its employees. The CEO of the company stated that this initiative aims to help combat the country's low birth rate.

This offer encompasses medical expenses for employees and their immediate family members, as well as college tuition payments for their children. The chairman of Booyoung Group, Lee Jong-kyun, announced during a meeting on Monday, February 5th, that the company would provide 100 million won (S$101,000) to employees for each child born after 2021.

However, according to The Korea Times, only 70 employees are eligible for this benefit this year, with the company's total expenditure amounting to 7 billion won (S$7.08 million). Lee confirmed that the company would continue this policy in the future. According to a report by The Kyunghyang Shinmun, he further stated, "If the government provides land, we will allow officers and employees who give birth to three children to choose between birth incentives or permanent rental housing."

Lee cautioned that if the birth rate continues to decline, the country may face a "crisis of national survival" within 20 years. The economic burden of raising children and the difficulty in balancing work and family life are major contributing factors. Since the birth rate is low, they have initiated a traditional encouragement program.

The declining birth rate is a significant concern in South Korea. In January, an employee who gave birth expressed enthusiasm about this policy. She had concerns about the financial challenges of raising a child, but she expressed gratitude to Booyoung Group and its support. Now she can consider planning for another child as well. According to a report by Korea Jongang Daily, an official of Booyoung Group mentioned that Lee concurrently serves as the president of the Republic of Korea Air Force Internet Society. Lee is deeply concerned about the declining birth rate in South Korea.

However, in 2022, only 250,000 newborns were born. Still, this initiative also includes permanent rental housing for employees with three or more children. Additionally, Lee suggested a tax-free donation system for childbirth encouragement.

Through this donation, individuals or corporations will be exempt from taxation for both income and corporate tax credits equal to the amount donated. If an individual or corporation donates up to 100 million won for a child born after January 1, 2021, assistance will be tax-free within three years. It is proposed that the donor will also receive income and corporate tax credits for the donation amount.

This initiative by Booyoung Group signifies a proactive approach towards addressing South Korea's declining birth rate. By offering substantial incentives and support, they aim to encourage their employees to start families and contribute to reversing the trend of low birth rates in the country. Such initiatives could serve as a model for other organizations and governments facing similar demographic challenges globally.

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