Do you know the benefits of chutney

Sep 09 2019 04:56 PM
Do you know the benefits of chutney

Like cooking in coal and tandoor, Mortar and Pestle (Sil Batta) is used to make  'chutney, due to which the taste of the food of the Dhaba increases. You may not know that taste gives you health benefits as well, in traditional ways ground spices or chutney are very beneficial. Today we are going to tell you about this.

The texture of the chutney or spices used in the use of food processor or mixi becomes very fine and creamy. While grinding chutney on the stool, we can keep its texture according to our wishes. Due to different texture, the taste of chutney also feels quite different.

Often, spices are changed by grinding spices with the help of electronic machines. In fact, running these machines produces heat in the jar which affects the taste of the spices, while traditional methods keep the spices in contact with the natural air and hence retain their taste. You get full benefits of this. When you grind the spices on a stove, the aroma of the spices spreads slowly. This smell reaches your brain through your nose and attracts your brain to the taste of these spices.

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