'Hillary Clinton' expressed her concern on the use of Nuclear weapons by Pakistan
'Hillary Clinton' expressed her concern on the use of Nuclear weapons by Pakistan

According to Democratic Presidential nominee, Hillary Clonton, “It will become very terrible for all other countries .If Pakistan’s nuclear weapons will fall into the hands of jihadists”. Which, she called it a threatening scenario for all other countries.

Pakistan is developing nuclear weapons with full speed .So, that they can take equal revenge from their biggest rival “India”. According to Clintons statement, this is the most dangerous development imaginable.

On the other hand,Pakistan’s Defense Minister KhwajaMohammad, said, "If our safety is threatened, we will annihilate them (India)”. The United States appears to have taken serious action on recent statement of Pakistan’s Defense minister on use of tactical nukes.

Earlier Defense Secretary appreciated India and china for using nuclear weapons safely, but according to him use of these weapons by Pakistan can add a new problem for other countries in history of tensions. If Pakistan wants to stop violence.He should stop supporting terrorism groups mainly Jaish-E-Mohammad and Lashkar- E-Taiba. These groups are openely conducting in Pakistan.

As per the reports, India’s PM NarendraModi many times offered hands for friendship. Pakistan should change its views so that it can give better life to its population.

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