Hollywood Legend Carl Weathers, Known for 'Rocky' and 'Predator,' Dies at 76
Hollywood Legend Carl Weathers, Known for 'Rocky' and 'Predator,' Dies at 76

Renowned actor Carl Weathers, known for his iconic roles in the 'Rocky' series and 'Predator,' has sadly passed away at the age of 76 due to reasons undisclosed. His manager, Matt Luber, confirmed the news on Friday, stating that Weathers peacefully passed away in his sleep.

Carl Weathers rose to fame for his portrayal of the confident and charismatic boxer Apollo Creed in the 'Rocky' films alongside Sylvester Stallone's Rocky Balboa. While he also made his mark in other notable roles such as in the 'Star Wars' spinoff series 'The Mandalorian' and the 1987 sci-fi horror classic "Predator," it was his portrayal of Creed that remained etched in the hearts of moviegoers.

Apollo Creed, inspired by real-life boxing legend Muhammad Ali, represented a breakthrough in positive Black representation in mainstream cinema during the 1970s and 1980s. Weathers' portrayal of Creed showcased both intelligence and flair, breaking stereotypes prevalent at the time.

Beyond his physical prowess displayed in action-packed films like "Action Jackson," Weathers showcased his versatility by delving into comedy, notably in roles such as the one-handed golf coach in Adam Sandler's "Happy Gilmore" and in the TV series "Arrested Development."

Adam Sandler, reminiscing about Weathers on Instagram, described him as intelligent, loyal, and incredibly funny. Weathers initially pursued a career in professional American football, playing briefly for the Oakland Raiders before transitioning to acting in 1974.

Weathers' breakthrough as Apollo Creed was serendipitous, as he stepped into the role originally meant for boxer Ken Norton, who withdrew just before filming. Reflecting on his career-defining role, Weathers admitted to drawing inspiration from Ali to shape the character of Creed.

Following the success of the 'Rocky' series, Weathers joined forces with action star Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1987 blockbuster "Predator." His recent stint in "The Mandalorian" rekindled interest in his illustrious career.

Survived by two children, Jason and Matthew, Carl Weathers leaves behind a legacy as a beloved figure in Hollywood. His manager's statement described him as a cherished brother, father, grandfather, partner, and friend, mourning his loss deeply.

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