How to pronounce that dish on the menu?
How to pronounce that dish on the menu?

There are some words which we do not pronounce correctly, just imagine that you are sitting in a restaurant and wants to have a dish, but you don’t know how to correctly pronounce the name. So, here are some of the commonly mispronounced food words for you to not repeat the same mistake again;

Jalapeno: Guy’s remember that day, when you are standing at ‘Subway’ outlet, and wishes to have this food to get add in your burger, and even you failed to pronounced it properly, might be you have called it ‘Jala-pe-no’, but the right pronounciation for the same is ‘Hah-lah-peh-nyoh’. Likewise there are some other words, check it:

2. Expresso: Ex-press-o (wrong), Es-press-oh (right)

3. Buffet: Buff-ay (wrong), Boo-fay (right)

4. Fillet: Fil-let (wrong), Fih-lay (right)

5. Bruschetta: Broo-shet-ah (wrong), Broo-sket-ah (right)

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