Lack of this thing will make it difficult to face the 'corona'

Due to the fast-spreading coronavirus in India, the pressure on hospitals is increasing. The lack of basic needs to save the lives of infected people has created serious challenges. Ventilator is considered to be the most important among them. But the lack of it is causing concern. The government and private sectors have stepped up efforts to increase the availability of ventilators on their behalf. Right now, what is the status of ventilators in the country, let's take a look.

For your information, let us tell you that a ventilator is a machine that is helpful in artificially giving breath to people unable to breathe by themselves. In this, compressed oxygen is used along with other gases. Because the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere is only 21 percent. Through this, oxygen is supplied in the required amount to the patients, which helps the lungs to breathe.

Let us tell you that patients with Kovid-19 sometimes have interstitial pneumonia. Its virus causes inflammation in the airways within the lungs, which is called Broccioles. Swelling in this area means that air cannot get inside or outside. Since the area of air exchange in the lungs becomes small, the patients have to exert more breathing, which is not possible to do for a long time. When the patient is unable to breathe at the rate of 40–45 per minute, he needs a ventilator, which delivers a large amount of oxygen to his lungs. With this, the patient gets time to recover, so that he can come back to breathing.

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