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Huawei released "killer" Android operating system

How good it is for a software product depends on how convenient it is to use one or another electronic device at its base. Currently, the most popular operating system for smartphones is Android, and it is installed more than 3/4 of the total number of mobile devices on the market. Google is constantly improving this platform to make it more comfortable to use. However, the days of this software are already known, says Huawei Corporation, which created the "killer" of this platform.

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Back in 2012, the Chinese Huawei Corporation has begun to create its own brand operating system, and it can be used not only on smartphones, but on any other device, up to tablets and laptops. According to the official source, the firm platform is based on Linux, and it is called Kirin OS. In almost seven years of development, this software has just become perfect in all respects. It is noted that it does not include the weak points that can currently be detected on Android.

For customers in the new operating system will offer a centralized distribution system for updates, through which Huawei will be able to release new software for branded mobile devices in one instant at a time for all models. In addition, let the Kirin OS platform be conditionally open, but its protection will be similar to that of iOS, so that all users will be most protected against external threats coming from the information space. For many, this will be a huge plus.

According to the head of the mobile unit Huawei Yu Chengduon, the company will release its brand operating system in the person of Kirin OS to the market in 2019, if the US government suddenly bind the US company Google to refuse to cooperate with the Chinese electronics manufacturer, thereby introducing he has personal sanctions based on allegations of espionage for Americans. If nothing like this happens, the company is about to release an Android killer in 2020-2021, when Kirin OS will launch the gadgets on the market.

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