Hurricanes and floods in New York City and New Jersey are a big challenge for us: President Biden
Hurricanes and floods in New York City and New Jersey are a big challenge for us: President Biden

The effect of climate change on the frequency of storms was observed in New York City and New Jersey. At least 23 people died in floodwaters in New Jersey - most of them trapped in their vehicles. In New York City, at least 14 people, including a two-year-old child, died. Officials said 11 people drowned after being trapped in the basement. In addition, there are reports of more deaths in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

President Biden said the unprecedented flooding in the region, along with the destruction brought by Hurricane Ida to Louisiana and Mississippi and wildfires in the West, "are yet another reminder that these extreme storms are in climate trouble here". He said he would prompt Congress to act on his Build Back Better plan, which would see "historic investments" in infrastructure, including modernizing roads and bridges and improving the energy grid, water and sewage systems. This destruction is everywhere, he said. And we are all in this together, this is one of the big challenges of our times but I am sure we will face it."

In New Jersey, a tornado devastated the state's largest dairy farm, breaking the roofs of buildings and toppling several large silos. The owners of Wellcrest Farms wrote on their Facebook page, "Many cows got trapped in the collapsed shed and some died." "We, as a community, suffered a great loss with the destruction of our farm as well as the catastrophic loss of homes in our neighborhood." Social media photos showed several New York City subway lines shutting down after underground stations were flooded. Cars were seen floating on the streets, shouts of "help" could be heard from inside. Passengers remained stranded in trains, planes and buses for hours.


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