I am thinking of renting a small house in Kolkata: Amit Shah
I am thinking of renting a small house in Kolkata: Amit Shah

BJP national president Amit Shah is going on a tour of West Bengal on August 11. Before his visit, he has said that he will go to Kolkata every month and he will be there for three days. He spoke on several issues in the interview given to the prestigious West Bengal magazine Ananda Bazar Patrika.

When the newspaper asked him that you are about to go to West Bengal, then what are you thinking about? In response, he said that I will go to Kolkata every month. he will be there for three days. For this, he is thinking of renting a small house instead of staying in a government house or guest house. He and his party has got much love from Bengal and he wants to return the same love. 

Shah said that his party wants development of Bengal. Mamta Banerjee's government has worsened the condition of Bengal. That is the expansion of the CPM era. He has claimed that he will get 22 seats from the state in the next Lok Sabha elections. Not only that, he says that he will also make a government here with the support of people in the assembly elections. 

On repeated allegations of communalism by Mamta, Shah said that Mamta does not really talk about the people of the entire state. She played politics of minority vote bank, which is against the equality of all the citizens. They believe that Bengali and all the people of this empire are against communalism. They are with these people.

On the question of Muslim intruders, Shah said that we are against illegal residents. So that legitimate citizens of my country cannot be deprived of any benefits. He said that he is not a political organization but he is doing much social work in the state.

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