I took my success for granted as I was too young and naïve: Lock Upp fame Sara Khan
I took my success for granted as I was too young and naïve: Lock Upp fame Sara Khan

It's normal to make mistakes, reflect on them, and resolve never to repeat them. One develops in life in that way. Sara Khan, who became an overnight sensation after appearing on her first television show, Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai, couldn't agree more. The actress has come a long way from being once the favorite child of controversy. She is happy and settled in her life right now, both personally and professionally. She is still going strong with her restaurateur and pilot boyfriend Shantanu Raje, and she is currently busy filming for Spy Bahu.

But no success story is without its share of ups and downs, and Sara was not unlike from making mistakes. The actress answers, "Yes, but then I didn't know any better. When my first show hit the tube, I took my success for granted. Am I a success? Is this a victory? Am I well-known? Because I was too young and naive at the time, I had no knowledge of or understanding of it. I began acting at the age of 18. If someone has struggled and has a successful show, then they have achieved something of value. Life threw me some curveballs, but they were all for the better, as they say in Urdu. Everything is much more valuable to me now.

Her separation from her family was her biggest mistake during the phase. She claims, "I was away from my family, which is probably why I made bad decisions. I eventually understood how important family and parent’s blessings are. In addition, I was with the wrong crowd and was influenced by them. Saare galat log hi aapke around hote hain jo aapke best friends bann kar ghoom rahe hote hain aur jab aap unko sunne lagte ho, bohot zyada aap khud ko barbaad karne lagte ho (When you are successful, you are surrounded by wrong people, mostly who claim to be your close friends and you start listening to them you end up making wrong choices).

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