If cash is stuck in ATM, do this work immediately
If cash is stuck in ATM, do this work immediately

New Delhi: In today's time, most of the people use ATMs to withdraw money. But you must have heard such news many times that at the time of withdrawing money, money gets stuck in the ATM. In such a situation, many people get scared and try to withdraw their money from the ATM machine again. You don't have to be afraid in this situation. If this happens to you, then this news is for you. Today we are going to tell you how to get back the money stuck in the ATM.

According to rbi rules, whether the account holder withdraws money from his bank ATM or the ATM of any other bank and the money is not withdrawn, but the money is deducted from the account, then in such a situation, go to any of the nearest branches of your bank and contact them. If the bank is closed, call the bank's customer care and report it. Your complaint will be filed. The bank will get a week's time for this.  

While withdrawing money from the same ATM, in such a situation, the transaction may have failed, but you must keep its slip. So never forget to remove the slip. If the slip is not removed for any reason, then you can also give a statement to the bank. The transaction slip is necessary because it prints the ID of the ATM, location, time and response code on behalf of the bank. The same RBI has made special guidelines in view of such cases. According to it, in such  cases, the bank will have to refund the customers' money within 7 days. If the bank does not return your money within a week, you can get it from the Banking Ombudsman for the same. If the bank is not able to return the customers' money within 7 days, then the bank will have to pay Rs 100 per day to the customer.  

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