If you also make this mistake, you may have to pay fine of thousands of rupees
If you also make this mistake, you may have to pay fine of thousands of rupees

According to the traffic rules that are currently going to be issued within the country, you need to pay a heavy penalty if the challan is deducted. You will have to pay a fine of up to several thousand rupees for violating different traffic rules. The penalty can range from Rs. 100, 500 and Rs. 1, 10, 15, 20,000 to more.

In that case, we suggest that all traffic rules have to be fulfilled whenever you take your vehicle to the road. It is your responsibility, not only you but that if a child in your family is yet to cross the minimum age of driving and is determined to drive, you should explain to him not to do so because doing so can be harmful to you as well.

Reports say that a teenager (below the minimum age required to drive) is caught driving, his parents or guardian may also face a fine of Rs 25,000. They can be imprisoned for 3 years and cancel the registration of the vehicle. This is because it is believed that the child's parents or parents should ensure that they do not drive until they cross the minimum age limit for driving and can drive only after obtaining a driving licence when they cross it.

According to reports, following the traffic rules enforced creates a safe traffic environment, which is in everyone's interest. Anyway, India is among the countries where most road accidents and deaths occur.

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