Will India get rain in July or will the heat continue? View IMD's forecast prediction

New Delhi: "Normal" or 'above normal' rainfall is forecast in parts of North India, Central India and most parts of the south in July. The India Meteorological Department issued a forecast on Friday. During July, most parts of the east, northeast India and areas adjoining east-central India and parts of west south peninsular India are likely to receive 'normal' or 'below normal' rainfall.

The IMD said in a statement that the entire country is expected to receive 'normal' rainfall (from 94 to 106%) during July. Based on data from 1971 to 2020, the long-period average rainfall (LPA) over the entire country during July is about 280.4 mm. In July, most parts of the country are expected to have 'normal' or 'above normal' maximum temperatures.

At the same time, the maximum temperature in the foothills of the Himalayas and parts of peninsular India is expected to remain 'below normal'. The latest global model forecasts indicate that the current La Niña position is projected to continue over the equatorial Pacific Ocean and the likelihood of developing negative Indian Ocean dipole (IOD) conditions over the Indian Ocean from July to September 2022 has increased.

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