BJP leader Uma Bharti urges JP Nadda to impose liquor ban

Jan 22 2021 11:10 AM
BJP leader Uma Bharti urges JP Nadda to impose liquor ban

Bhopal: There has been a growing concern over the illegal liquor business in Madhya Pradesh, but meanwhile, BJP leader Uma Bharti has made a big statement. Recently, she has urged for liquor ban. Bharti has also made a big appeal to BJP president JP Nadda. Recently, in her appeal, she said, "Full ban over liquor should be imposed in BJP ruled states." She has made this appeal through a tweet.

Uma Bharti wrote in a tweet, "I publicly appeal to my national president JP Nadda to prepare for the full ban over liquor in the states wherever there are BJP governments". She has also made another tweet in which she has said, "Thousands of crores of rupees are spent to maintain law and order and the temperance is an important step to maintain a balance in the society and a debate can be initiated. Temperance is not a loss-making deal from anywhere the loss of revenue from liquor can be met from anywhere, but incidents like drunken rape, murders, accidents, rape of small girls are alarming and there is stigma for the country and society."

So far, BJP president JP Nadda has not responded over Uma Bharti's tweet but everyone is awaiting his response.

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