Imran Khan denies rumours of deal, called-off long march to avert bloodshed

PESHAWAR: Imran Khan, the chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and a former prime minister of Pakistan, denied claims that he had struck a deal in exchange for terminating the party's Azadi March to Islamabad, stating he did so to avert bloodshed, as per reports.

Khan made the remarks during a press conference in Peshawar, saying that if early elections are not called, he will return to the streets. He expressed concern over how police personnel attacked march participants, accusing the government of hand-picking officers to go after the PTI.

Our employees inquired as to why we did not hold a sit-in. I am the man who conducted a 126-day sit-in. It wasn't tough for me, but by the time I got there, I saw how serious the situation was... That day, I knew there would be violence." After witnessing the "terrorism" perpetrated by the police, Imran stated that the people were "ready." "Everyone was ready to fight; some of our guys were so enraged by what they saw," he claimed, according to Dawn, adding that officials had been told to brutalise protestors.

I can guarantee that if I had conducted a sit-in that day, there would have been bloodshed "He went on to say that there was a general feeling of animosity toward police officers.

"However, the cops are also ours; it is not their fault," the PTI chief remarked, blaming the directives on the government. He claimed that if there had been bloodshed, the country would have descended into chaos.

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