Story reader levelled serious allegations against famous saint, creates stir

Ujjain: A shocking video from Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh has gone viral. In this video, a girl narrator is accusing the saint of talking nonsense in a packed gathering. In this case, the girl had also filed a case at the police station, but the saint had apologised before the case could go ahead. The matter had calmed down with the storyteller withdrawing the suit against him. But after the video went viral, the discussion is in full swing.

According to the information received, the case dates back to 2 days ago. Since this incident, there was an uproar in the Sant Samaj here. It is being said that a storyteller of Vrindavan, a resident of Ashok Nagar, had levelled serious allegations against Sant Rameshwar Das Maharaj, president of the Shaat Darshan Sant Samaj, of committing dirty acts, and talking nonsense on his mobile. She had lodged a written complaint with the Neelganga police station.

On the other hand, the saint also spoke about the marriage of the storyteller. However, the end of this shocking case was done within 48 hours. The Sant Samaj had held a meeting and called for an end to the matter. It was said that an agreement has been reached in the matter after discussion with the saint and the storyteller in a meeting of the local Sant Samaj. The two released their respective videos and reported that the dispute was over.

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