India Remembers The Victims Of 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attacks

26/11/2008, a day registered in the dark History of India is unwontedly hard to forget. It would be a same day like others or better but the horrific terror attack by ten inhumane Lakshar-e-Toiba terrorists came to India snatched hundreds of lives in Mumbai and turned it out to  worst. On the point of bullets they acquired the majorly crowded spots of the most populated city in the country and drove them away to sudden deaths.

It’s been eight years to the horrific incident, but the pain of victims and sacrifices of policemen and guards are still in memories. Various events are being held at different spots in Mumbai and also across the nation to pay tribute to those lose their lives, their families and also those who bravely fought against the attack.

Today, on the eighth anniversary of 26/11 terror attack India is conspired to call the moments back in mind and making the sacrifices alive.

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