India to launch its new App Store
India to launch its new App Store

To deal with Google and Apple's monopoly, the country is now making a daily move to offer its own app store. This will lead to a lot of dependence on Google of Indian users. The report says that there are about 500 million smartphone users in India, most of whom use Google's Android platform, but the Indian start-up has criticised the company for policies that say they prevent their growth.

The report has informed that the government is coming forward to help Indian startups and is therefore ready to offer its own app store. The special thing is that Google or Apple will not even take 30 per cent commission to this App Store. The government is now preparing for this app store and will be made available as a pre-installed app in Android phones.

According to a report in the past, a senior Indian officer had said that Delhi has not received any formal request but is ready to discuss developing a mobile platform where apps can be downloaded. However, make it clear that no statement has been made officially on the App Store on behalf of the government so far. However, a number of controversies were recently seen between Google and Indian startups. Google has sent a notice to the food delivery service provider company Jomato and Swiggy. In which the blame has been made that both the companies are violating the rules of the Play store guidelines. It is now being examined on this issue also.

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