Indian Embassy in US expresses condolences over tragic accident at Baltimore bridge
Indian Embassy in US expresses condolences over tragic accident at Baltimore bridge

New York: The Indian Embassy in the US has expressed its condolences over the tragic accident at Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge, where a cargo ship manned by a 22-member Indian crew collided with the bridge, causing significant damage and bringing one of the region's key ports to a standstill. The accident, which occurred early Tuesday morning, is believed to have resulted in the deaths of six people.

The incident took place when the Singapore-flagged container ship 'Dali' experienced a power issue and collided with one of the supports of the 2.6km-long bridge. The impact caused a section of the bridge to collapse while several vehicles were crossing it.

"Our heartfelt condolences to all affected by the unfortunate accident at the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore," stated the Indian Embassy in the US.

The embassy has set up a dedicated hotline to assist any Indian citizens affected by or requiring assistance due to the tragedy. Efforts are underway to gather information regarding the crew of the vessel.

According to the ship management company, Synergy Marine Group, all 22 crew members aboard the 'Dali' are Indian nationals. Thankfully, all crew members, including the two pilots, have been safely accounted for, with no reports of injuries or pollution resulting from the collision.

Synergy Group reported that the collision occurred while the vessel was under the guidance of two pilots, and despite extensive search and rescue efforts, six construction workers who were on the bridge remain missing and are presumed dead.

Following a day of search operations, the US Coast Guard announced the suspension of active search and rescue efforts, stating that it was unlikely the missing workers would be found alive.

US President Joe Biden praised the quick response of the ship's personnel in alerting authorities, which enabled the timely closure of the bridge to vehicular traffic, potentially saving more lives.

Biden pledged federal support for the response efforts, emphasizing the need to rebuild the affected port and ensure the protection of jobs associated with it.

The Port of Baltimore, being one of the nation’s largest shipping hubs, plays a crucial role in both imports and exports, particularly in the automotive sector. Biden reiterated the commitment to safeguarding jobs and ensuring the smooth functioning of critical infrastructure like the Francis Scott Key Bridge, which is vital for the region's economy and quality of life.
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