India's performance in the Olympics will motivate youth, says Meraj Alam

For the first time in the 2020 Olympics played in Tokyo India earned the most medals. in which 1 gold, 2 Silver, and 4 Bronze medals were included. 1900 Athletics with single-player Norman Prized Won two silver medals. After this, in 1920, the country For the first time, the team was sent to the 2016 Olympic Games. India had won 26 medals. This time India 54th stayed on the pedestal. Olympic Games held in Tokyo have definitely encouraged the youth of India to participate in sports. inspired to do. in our society, The popular saying used to be that you will play and jump. You will be spoiled, you will write - you will become the Nawab but when National tricolor mounted highest, national anthem The whole stadium resonated, then surely everyone's Eyes filled and Tokyo's voice came from India Reached everyone. Neeraj Chopra's victory made every Indian A different enthusiasm filled the youth. Now no one considers sports as a means to make them bad, but sports are also considered as an important link for the development of the nation. 

Meraj Alam, who has made his mark in the digital world on the performance of Indian players in the Olympics, says, “India is now raising its flag in every field. Today's youth is showing his talent with full enthusiasm in the fields of education, science, sports, cinema, and business, etc. It is the result of the innovation and creativity of the youth that India is moving towards making itself a developed nation. Just as winning in sports increases your self-confidence, in the same way, when medals come in the name of the country, then the self-confidence of the country increases. In recent years, the misconceptions that have been about building a future in sports are clearly lacking. A few years back the participation of women was negligible but this time in the Olympic Games only women-led the country. Mirabai Chanu, PV Sindhu, Mary Kom, Lavina are some of the names that have made the country proud. According to an international article, 49% of participation in this year's Olympics was women. After which it was considered the most balanced team in the world. In a country where it is difficult to encourage sports, it is a matter of great pride for the daughters of the country to make their mark on the global stage. People might have started forgetting the name of hockey too, but this time both the women's and men's hockey teams made the country proud. Although the women's team fell short in getting its reward, the men's team enhanced the honor of their national sport by winning the bronze medal. "

Looking at Meraj’s Alam personal life, he comes from a simple middle-class family. For which the thought of becoming a celebrity is also a dream, but today when he sees the youth of the middle-class family like himself and decides the future of the country, then his joy starts waving like the tricolor. India has won a total of 35 medals in the Olympics so far. After which it is expected that this number will definitely increase. It is not only about Meraj Alam, the thinking of countless Indian youth like Meraj who want to do something for the country is also inspired by these records.

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