MP crime: Man allegedly shot neighbour dog for biting his family

Jun 04 2021 11:08 AM
MP crime: Man allegedly shot neighbour dog for biting his family

Indore: A case has recently come to light from Indore which is shocking. In this case, a man shot his neighbour's dog only because he had bitten his wife. The case pertains to Dwarkapuri area of the city where all this happened late last Wednesday night. According to the information received, a dog of a doctor living in Sudama Nagar E sector bit the woman living in the neighbourhood. Her husband then shot the dog in the head with his licensed gun.

The dog reportedly suffered severe lying down for some time after being shot and then the dog succumbed to its injuries. In the case, police have registered a case under animal cruelty rules with a licensed gun and arrested the neighbour who shot him. Dr. Vidit Pathak said in this case that Narendra Bishnoi is my neighbour. Narendra's wife was bitten by the dog. Dr Vidit also said that Narendra's wife was returning home after finishing work. It was raining heavily and she was running home. Seeing them running, the dog also ran back and bit them.

Vishnoi then opened fire on the dog with his licensed gun in anger. The bullet hit the dog on the head and he succumbed to his injuries there. Further, Dr. Vidit also said, "After the dog bite, Narendra came out of the house in anger and argued with them a lot, then brought a gun late at night and shot the dog in the throat in front of me. Blood started coming out of the throat as soon as the bullet hit him and the dog succumbed to his injuries after a brief pain.''

In the case, police in Dwarkapuri police station area said that a case has been registered against Narendra, who lives in the neighbourhood, on the complaint of Vidit Pathak, who lives in Sudam Nagar. However, in a police interrogation, Narendra said that Dr. Vidit's dog had gone mad. He was always running for bites on his family, so he was shot. Tell me that the person who was shot was a licensed gun which has been seized.

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