Instructions to the employees of Play School, Anganwadi to vaccinate before November 1

Chennai: The Chief Minister's Office, in a statement on Thursday evening, has directed all employees of kindergartens, play schools and anganwadis to get vaccinated before November 1. The Chief Minister's Office said in a statement on Thursday evening that all hotels, restaurants and bakeries would be allowed to remain open till 11 pm. All private education centres, government and private organized employment camps will also be allowed to function from now on.

From Sundays, the beaches will be allowed for the general public even on Sundays and from November weddings can be held with the participation of up to 100 people. The government said in a statement that from November 50 people would be allowed to attend the funeral. However, the Chief Minister's Office said in a statement that restrictions for social and political events would continue as well as restrictions on religious and cultural events. Dr. Uma Maheshwari, social scientist and professor at a private college in Chennai said, “It is good to reopen kindergartens and play schools.

Children need to interact physically with their classmates and teachers. However, we must not let our guard down. Down because this is a dangerous disease and the epidemic may return. So the teachers and other staff of these play schools and kindergartens should be well aware of the pitfalls and act accordingly."

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