Army Day: India has world's largest "voluntary" army, find out interesting facts
Army Day: India has world's largest

Today is Army Day, we are going to tell you some shocking facts about the Indian Army which all of you have never heard or read.

* The Indian Army controls the world's highest battlefield, the Siachen Glacier, which is 5000 metres above sea level.

* India has the world's largest "voluntary" army.

* All serving and reserve forces have the right to serve or not. Yes, and this right is also enshrined in the Constitution of India. However, this Constitution was never used.

* The Indian Army conducts the most elite military training in the High Altitude Warfare School (HAWS) world. Special forces from the US, England and Russia participated before invading Afghanistan.

* India conducted nuclear tests in 1970 and 1990. Yes and about this test the world's most powerful intelligence agency CIA was not even aware and this is the biggest failure of CIA till date.

* Unlike other government organizations and institutions in India, no person is seen or religion is seen in Indian Army.

* Only two Indian Army personnel were martyred in the "Battle of Longewala" between India and Pakistan. Yes and the famous Bollywood film "Border" has been made on this fight.

* The Battle of Longewala took place between India and Pakistan in December 1971 and 120 Indian Army personnel had strengthened 2,000 Pakistani army personnel to kneel down.

* The most interesting fact of the Army is that in this battle, Indian Army had only one jeep with an M40 rifle on it and the Pakistani army on the other hand was equipped with tanks in 2000.

* Operation Rahat (2013) launched by Indian Army was the largest ever rescue mission. The Operation Relief Mission was launched by the Indian Air Force.

* The Indian Army also has a regiment of cavalry. Yes, and there are only three such regiments in the world.

* The Indian Air Force has an out-station in Tajikistan.

* The Indian Army has also constructed India's tallest bridge. It is built between the Drass and Shuru rivers in Ladakh Valley. The bridge was constructed by the Indian Army in August 1982.

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