Lions Can Swim in Water, know other Interesting Facts About Them!

Aug 07 2019 03:11 PM
Lions Can Swim in Water, know other Interesting Facts About Them!

Lions are considered to be the most feared animals in the forest, so almost everyone is afraid and if they come in, you will also be scared. However, there are times when they can help someone. However, this is rare. You will be surprised to know that a 12-year-old Ethiopian girl also saved her life. Here we're going to tell you some interesting facts about the lion.

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* There are more idols of the lion than original lions in the world.

* The lion can sleep for 18 to 20 hours a day.

* The lion's running speed is up to 50 kilometres per hour and can jump 36 feet.

* Most lioness (Tigress) hunt as compared to lions.

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* A Lonely lion can never dare to fight with an elephant and rhinoceros.

* The favourite hunt of lions are zebra and deer.

* Lions always prefer to stay in herds.

* The lion is about 16 to 20 years old.

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* Asian lions have two species, while African lions have six species.

* African lions are stronger and taller than Asian lions.

* The lion's viewing power is higher at night rather than by day.

* Roar of the lion can be heard up to 6-7 kilometres.

* A lion can weigh up to 190 kilograms and the lion weighs up to 130 kilograms.

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* Lions can swim in water too.

* The lion hears the sound of its prey from a mile away.

* Lions are national animals of many countries, including countries such as Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, the Netherlands.

* India's national animal was a lion before 1972 but later tiger was made the national animal.

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