iOS 13 disabled 3D Touch in favor of new long clicks
iOS 13 disabled 3D Touch in favor of new long clicks

First introduced on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, 3D Touch provided pressure sensitivity on Apple screens. Since then, every iPhone (with the exception of the iPhone XR and the iPhone SE) has enabled this feature, but with iOS 13 Apple will likely disable this feature.

The loss will not be as noticeable since Apple will simply switch to the Haptic Touch gestures, which were featured on the iPhone XR and offer identical functionality without the need for a touch screen.

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Scrolling through the preview of Apple iOS 13 features, in the “System Experience” section, we see that the 3D Touch functionality is now divided into Peek for previewing content using long press and Quick Actions for application-specific functions by pressing and holding the icon applications.

The only drawback of the new approach compared to 3D Touch is that you cannot select the context menus without taking your finger off the screen.

This step makes sense for Apple, since starting with the iPhone X, it has begun to use a more complex screen assembly process that bends the display below, resulting in thinner frames. Sensitivity to pressure on the screen increases the overall thickness of the panel, and if the same functionality can be achieved in a more elegant case, there is no doubt that Apple will try to do it.

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