Islamic State launch major attack in Iraq kills 13, including 10 soldiers

Baghdad : Islamic State militants attacked a village in iraq's northern region. At least 13 people, including three villagers and 10 Kurdish soldiers , lost their lives in the attack. Officials in Iraq's autonomous Kurdish region reported in this regard on Friday.

The attack took place in the Makhmour region, a hub for the activities of the islamic state terror group. The area is frequently attacked by Kurdish forces, Iraqi forces and often civilians. Makhmour is a mountainous region located about 70 Km southeast of Mosul and 60 km southwest of the Kurdish capital Irbil .

The Armed Forces of the Kurdistan Region said in a statement that Islamic State militants attacked the village, killing three residents. Security forces also retaliated, during which a fierce encounter broke out with the militants, killing 10 soldiers. The armed forces did not give further details in this regard. On the other hand, there is no claim from the islamic state terror group about the attack so far.

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