'Indian Army rapist, SC judge murderer...,' is Congress blind in 'Love with Kanhaiya?'

New Delhi: Former Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) Students Union President and CPI leader Kanhaiya Kumar is likely to take over the Congress party today. Kanhaiya Kumar, who has often been embroiled in controversy for his statements and actions, had suppressed CPI in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections but was badly beaten by BJP candidate Giriraj Singh from the Begusarai seat. Today, when Kanhaiya is planning to change his mind to the Congress, the Congress is again facing allegations of protecting seditious leaders. In fact, Kanhaiya Kumar has been embroiled in controversy for some of his statements, even have a case of sedition. Today, we have brought to you 3 such controversial statements of Kanhaiya that put him in the dock.

1- India will be broken in pieces Inshallah:-

On February 9, 2016, a case of sedition was registered against the hanging of a Kashmiri terrorist Mohammad Afzal Guru in JNU for raising anti-national slogans at a student rally. He was arrested by the Delhi Police. Released on interim bail on March 2, 2016. Kanhaiya Kumar's rally raised slogans of 'India you will be broken in pieces Inshallah-Inshallah,' 'Afzal we are ashamed, your murderers are alive,' and 'Bharat Ki Barbaadi Tak Jung Chalegi.' However, he was later acquitted by the court in the absence of evidence.

2- Indian Army rapes Kashmiri women:-

Kanhaiya, a student of JNU, should have been ashamed to make these statements but he did not. Kanhaiya made this shameless remark on the army which has been pleading for surrender to bring back the Kashmiri youth who have become terrorists into the mainstream, even sometimes falling prey to their bullets.  On March 8, 2016, Kanhaiya in Delhi said that in the name of security, the Indian Army rapes Kashmiri women.

3- I am from Bihar, will remind you...:-

On February 16, 2020, Kanhaiya Kumar in Nalanda, Bihar, directly challenged Union Home Minister Amit Shah and said that if anyone's citizenship is taken away on the basis of religion, Amit Shah tells you that I am from the soil of Bihar. We will also remind you that you will be in a lot of trouble. This was the time when CAA passed for some time, and it was not a law to take one's citizenship but to grant citizenship. But Kanhaiya had again used his poisonous language on the issue to incite the youth.

Now that Kanhaiya Kumar is going to become a soldier of Rahul Gandhi's army, the question that a person who calls the Supreme Court the murderer of a terrorist Afzal Guru also called the army that protects the country a rapist, poisons the minds of the youth with poisonous speeches, Will the country's oldest party seated the man for trivial political gains alone?

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