Kapil Sharma came forward to help the needy woman, people praises comedian

Oct 26 2020 05:17 PM
Kapil Sharma came forward to help the needy woman, people praises comedian

Mumbai: As good comedian Kapil Sharma does comedy, he is equally good at heart. The proof of this is that recently Kapil has come forward on social media to help a needy woman. Actually, Kapil Sharma saw the tweet on social media. In this, a woman is seen with her Triplets.

A post was written with the photo, in which it was said that their children have been born Preterm. Needs lakhs of rupees for his treatment. Due to lack of money, they cannot get children treated and are not able to afford the ventilator. Kapil Sharma felt pity after seeing this post. He has sought information of this family in the chat box while retweeting it, so that he can help them. People are happy with his generosity and are praising him fiercely.

This post was shared by Ketto, a fundraising website for the needy people. It states that the father of the children is a tailor by profession. During the Corona epidemic, his job has gone away. Due to financial constraints, they are not able to get their children treated. If you want too, you can help them by clicking here.

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