K'taka Polls election results : Modi waves in India ! 4 years, 26 states and Cong won only 2

Looking at the trends in Karnataka assembly elections, it is not surprising to say that even after four years of assuming the office, Modi magic remains intact. If the lotus blooms in the south even after the northeast, then this will not be a big deal. The manner in which the BJP is emerging as the biggest party  and trends proves that the Modi wave in the country has increased rather than decreasing.

From the north to the south, east to the west, Modi's magic has remained unchanged and unique since taking over power in 2014. By making a historic win in the last Lok Sabha elections, Modi became the Prime Minister of the country and after one by one, BJP removed Congress from almost every state,  and proved that the BJP's political journey would go far away.

 And after the results of Karnataka polls 2018 the situation of the Congress in the country is a matter of grave concern as Now Congress in four states. Talking about the last four years, elections were held in 26 states, out of which only two states came to the hands of the Congress, This is the situation of the Congress all over the country.

The way Karnataka's trends are coming out, it seems that Prime Minister Modi's 3P statement is proven to be true. In fact, in the last four years, Congress has four states,  in North India BJP has Punjab, in south India Karnataka and Puducherry  while Mizoram in the North East. But the way BJP looks emerging as the biggest party in trends, it seems that the Congress will only remain PPP that is Punjab, Puducherry and Parivar, as Prime Minister Modi said in his statement during election rally in karnataka

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