Kejriwal asks why it is fine for ministers to get free treatment
Kejriwal asks why it is fine for ministers to get free treatment

New Delhi: In a jab at his political opponents' "freebie" statements, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has questioned why it is acceptable for ministers to receive free treatment while the same services are criticised if they are supplied to the general public.

"Four thousand units of power are free for every Minister; if he gets free electricity, it is not a 'freebie; but when I provide 200 units of free electricity to the people of Delhi, it is considered a 'freebie," remarked Kejriwal at the Aam Aadmi Party's legal cell's Advocates' Conference on Wednesday.

"Where will the money come from, say the opposition party leaders?" We brought together all of the ministers and officials who used to pilfer money and put an end to it. "We started distributing all that money that was taken from the government to the public," he stated, adding, "There is a lot of money with the government, but these people have deceived the public into believing there is no money."

On December 18, 2019, the Delhi Cabinet established a life and medical insurance programme for all lawyers, but no one in the world knew that Covid-19 would strike. The families of 122 lawyers who died during Covid-19 received about Rs 12.25 crore as part of a life insurance policy. At the time of Covid, about 1,220 lawyers had used the medical insurance scheme, for which Rs 7.25 crore had been released."

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