Kejriwal's appeals to the people to come together and fight with the disease of Chikungunya

The Chief Minister is back on sets talking to the masses, Kejriwal appeals all the Delhiites and political parties to come together and fight the disease which is hurting everyone in the capital – Chikungunya.

The Delhi CM said-“I appeal the Congress party and the BJP with folded hands to get united, like we all Indians get together (to support India) during India-Pakistan cricket match, and wage war against mosquitoes. If Delhi got success on a much bigger issue of Odd-Even scheme, we’ll sort out this mosquito menace”

Kejriwal putting a rest to the wars and controversies that happened during his absence, mainly emphasized on the basic and most dangerous problem in the state of Delhi, which has affected approximately every single Delhi’s domicile.

To his words he added -“Besides, the rise in mosquito menace, lot of politics had been played on this issue. I believe mosquitoes don’t discriminate between a Congress and a BJP person while biting. We should stop politicking and take this problem head on. MCD didn’t do its job, which it was supposed to, but now Delhi government, MCDs and central government have to join hands and fight it out for the people of Delhi”. 

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